Vulcano Vendégház - Mesteri Fürd Vulcano Vendégház - Mesteri Fürd
Our menu  

Mozzarella with tomato, home-made pesto and toast
Fried slices of 'hurka' (sausage made of chitterlings) on a bed of salad
Grilled chicken stripes with mango salad
Shrimps with garlic and tomato baguette

Cold tomato soup with toast cubes
County-style broth with vermicelli (thin, spaghetti-like pasta) or fritatten (pancake stripes)
Garlic cream soup in bread bowl
Jkai style bean soup

Pan fried dishes:
Toasted bread dumplings with garlic, egg and fresh green salad
Paprika catfish with cottage cheese paste
Country-style 'grstel' with home-made pickled mixed vegetables
Cheese 'spatzle' dumplings with ham and green salad

Main dishes
'Kocsis' style beef stew with bread dumplings, roasted sausages, fried eggs and pickled cucumber
Mozzarella and dried tomatoes stuffed chicken breast with jasmine rice
'Spare Ribs' Fried ribs with steak potato (with honey, traditional Hungarian or garlic flavouring)
Volcano skewer with baked potato and spicy sour cream
Szlhegyi style tenderloin in creamy mushroom sauce with 'ddlle' (potato dumpling)
Rosemary chicken breast with grilled vegetables
Steak (250g) in black pepper sauce with garlic potato
Plate for two (all kinds of good stuff)
Breaded cutlet with Wiener potato salad

Dishes you get elsewhere too:
Cordon Bleu with French fries
'Vasi borzas' style pork chops (breaded with grated potato) with rice and green peas
Beef stew with noodles
Holstein style pork chops (with fried egg) with mixed garnish
Salads of your choice

Children's menu:
Breaded pork chops with French fries
Grilled chicken breast with rice and home-made stewed fruits
Roasted Frankfurter sausage with French fries and ketchup
Breaded cheese with rice and tartar sauce

Pairings for wine:
Cold smoked trotters with horseradish sauce and mustard
Slightly spicy 'krztt' (spiced cottage cheese) with bread
'Udvarmester' style bread (roasted bread with ham, onion, pepper, tomato and cheese)

Banana Nutella pancakes
Cottage cheese dumplings with hazelnut cream and forest fruits

Alcohol-free soft drinks 3dl5dl1l
Lemonade with or without bubbles (elderflower, wattle flower, mint, strawberry, lavender, raspberry, elderberry)
Grandma's juice (greengage plum, strawberry, raspberry, peach, sour cherry)

Draught Dreher 0,3l0,5l
Dreher Alcohol-free 24H 0,33l
Hofbru Lemon Beer 0,5l
Pilsner Urquell 0,33l
Dreher Grepfruit 0,5l

Wines with bubble: (WHITE, ROS, RED wines by the glass)
'Kis Frccs' (Spritzer - 100 ml of soda water to 100 ml of wine):
'Nagy Frccs' (Big Spritzer - 100 ml of soda water to 200 ml of wine):
'Hossz lps' (The Long Stride - 200 ml of soda water to 100 ml of wine):

Bottled: wine:
2014 Bizsergs - Istvndy Vinery, Badacsony
2014 Primavera - Bogdn Vineyard, Soml
2014 Tramini - Bogdn Vineyard, Soml
2014 Rose Cabernet Sauvignon - Istvndy Vinery, Badacsony
2013 Antal Cuve - Nagygombos Vineyard, Mtraalja
2012 "Kopr" Blaufrnkisch - Rspi, Sopron

Etyeki Czimeres Plinka (Hungarian fruit brandy) 40%
Williams's pear
Irsai grape

Coffee: Julius Meinl cooffe (crema espresso classico)
Short black (Espresso)
Short brown (Espresso+milk)
Long black
Long brown (+milk)
Coffee with whipped cream
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