Vulcano Vendégház - Mesteri Fürd Vulcano Vendégház - Mesteri Fürd
Relax in the quiet village of Mesteri at the foot of Sg Mountain. Mostly due to the fact, that Mesteri has one of the best thermal water and spa in Transdanubia, it is a popular destination of tourists who want to relax or take trips.

Due to its beneficial effects the local thermal water is very popular among patients with gout and those who are looking for some rest after a busy week. The thermal bath has open, medicinal and adventure pools and a paddling pool for children. Its newly opened Cave Bath is open for visitors all year long.

With its spectacular wildlife and beauties of nature including the beautiful volcanic crater which stands against time and the Trianon Memorial Cross atop the mountain, the trails of Sg Mountain are ideal for taking a trip.

It is not so well known that with its interactive exhibition showing the formation and operation of volcanoes the Volcano Park (the country's only volcanology centre) is located at the foot of the mountain. The trails around the mountain are perfect for a bike trip as well.

Due to the abundance of local thermal baths you can choose a different one for every single day:

                 1.: Mesteri Thermal Bath
                 2.: 5 km Celldmlk Volcano Spa
                 3.: 10 km Borgta Bath
                 4.: 15 km Srvr Spa- and Wellness Centre
                 5.: 40 km Ppa Vrkert Bath
                 6.: 40 km Bkfrd Health and Adventure Centre

With 3 twin rooms and 2 double rooms the Vulcano Guesthouse provides accommodation for up to 10 people. The Guesthouse has 2 bathrooms, a shared living room and a kitchen.
The enclosed parking lot with camera surveillance system is free to use.
We cordially invite you to visit us and have a relaxing and revitalizing stay at our Guesthouse.

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